Saturday, 30 June 2018


Hello! It's time to chitchat about leaving Finland and my arrival in Japan!

For the last month I lived ''fake normal life'', I pretended that I wasn't going anywhere and it helped with the stress. No fuss about leaving, I didn't want anyone of my close friends to remind me about leaving. This seems to be quite common coping mechanism with me, I did this for WCS also.

I've never ever gone abroad all by myself and I was so scared. Good thing airports are pretty comfortable and straight forward. I left from my apartment day early so I could spend the last 24 hours with my mom, dad and siblings. I'm not really good with goodbyes I get all soggy and sad but once I had to say bye bye to my boyfriend there wasn't anything left to say really. I guess it was because we knew this was going to happen no matter what. It was a strange feeling being at home when you had feeling in your guts that you cannot stay, but you don't want to leave either. For a while I felt clueless and homeless. We had the last meal with group of close friends before I left to catch a train to my parents place.

My parents and siblings were super sweet and supportive and my mom and dad took me to airport. You know those movie scenes where loved ones spend what feels like eternity in The airport saying goodbyes, well my moment with my dad and mom was over in like a second and I was left all alone. All alone. But after a brief meltdown I gathered myself and stepped through the security check like it was no biggie and my journey began.

I couldn't sleep at the plane because I was so excited and yet nervous. I think on the returning flight I'm going to be much more calm.
After 9 hours I arrived to my destination. Go through security, get visa checked, gather bags etc tadaaa I was exhausted, sweaty and tired but extremely scared in Japan. It was definitely easier to travel to a place where you have been earlier, you know the culture, bits of language etc.
There wasn't anyone coming to pick me up because I arrived day early so I quickly bought myself internet router so I could manage and find my way to my apartment. I must say If you're coming to Japan you should order wifi router beforehand. Sometimes they're sold out.
I gathered my stuff and put some funds to my travel card which I got the last time I was in Japan and stepped in the train. At that time it felt like The trip took hours but it was just one hour, no biggie. I changed train to my local train which took me to my neighborhood. At first I thought where the Hell I am and started rolling my stuff forward. In the end I arrived to my destination got into my room laid on my bed and cried my heart out. This was a big moment for me. Nobody told me that it was going to be easy and I knew that. I am so proud of myself.

Whoa this was a mouthful. In The next post I shall talk about my first days and going to school for the first time yay!

Sincerely, Veera