Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fuyukai desu!

Few months ago we needed to decide what to create as our thesis in school. I decided that my theme would be cosplay and as my work I'd do Kuriyama Mirais jacket. We had 2 weeks to make the product and portfolio. I chose Kuriyama because she's really cute and I got really inspired by the series.

The jacket itself was pretty easy to make, the hardest part was the awful portfolio... In the end I enjoyed the whole process very much!
I'm little sad that I couldn't find a fabric with the exact right color, but no can do, show must go on or in this case work. 

I'm going to use the cosplay in a convention which is in few weeks. I still need to trim the wig little bit and dye the sweater. I hope I do great in the competition! Ah and I need to buy the little golden ring too! Details details!
I made the sword out of cardboard and it turned out great, I took some pictures from the process~

 Basically the sword is made our of cardboard, tape, glue, newspaper, some putty, acrylic colors and gloss. It is very light but sturdy at the same time!

Here's some pictures of the finished look, still need to tidy up some details for the competition!

   That's it for now!  Enjoy the spring and eat lots of ice cream~ 
Sincerely: Veera                                                                               


  1. Oletpa ihana. <3 En tiennyt että sulla on tällanen!