Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wicked weekend!

So last weekend we went to visit our friend and to a convention called Kikucon in Turku. I had signed up for the cosplay competition too as Kuriyama Mirai. I've never been in Kikucon so I went there with open mind. Of course I had my expectations about it since it was a free con ergo no entrance fee which usually means that the con is not that well planned. The arrangements were bit shabby and I left the con a bit disappointed but I had some fun too. We also traumatized our friend by taking him there. 
On Sunday we decided that we'll leave Turku early and not go back to the convention. Therefore I didn't know anything of the who won the cosplay competition. 
Last night I did check my e-mail and found out that I had won the competition! I was quite shocked! I won some kind of plushie and pockys and small diploma. Wohooo! Achievement unlocked! 

Picture of the competitors
2 weeks of school left and I feel like I still have tons of stuff to do... I still can't believe that I'm graduating and getting a profession. Also I'm going to entrance exams next week, so scary. Wish me luck!

Stay cool!
xoxo: Veera

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