Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dolly Project.

I've had 2 of my dolls just sitting in the closet waiting for me to start this project.
I don't have precise plan for these two but I'll figure it out. 

So now for the introduction. 
This is Ayaka. She's Minifee Shushu and has a b-line ns body with modded chest. I bought her originally because she was so darn cheap now I've grown to like the shushu face so much!
My plan is to make her a some kind of Persocom or Robot. 

To do List:
-Eye modification: DONE
-Persocom ears: DONE
-Torso joint mod:
-Mobility joint mod:
-Gloves: WIP
-New pair of fancy robot feet: WIP
-Faceup and bodyblush: 

She arrived like this and I gave her new faceup 
I wanted to make her eyes more round and cute shape. It was pretty scary to start modding since this was my first time doing anything like this.

Test persocom ears and some test makeup. I love her new eyeshape :3

Some putty robot feet testing, we'll see how this turns out.

Earlier I bought her new pair of hands and they were way too pink since Ayaka is so yellowed. I decided to make robot gloves out of them.

I tried making various options to see which are best. I made the ears from fimo putty and painted them with acrylics and gloss. I fitted them on the ears so I don't have to sand her human ears off :)
Persocom ear testing.

We'll see how she turns out!

Next up is my Minifee Woosoo with B-line body. She's quite yellowed  and I don't have name for her yet. I thought that she would be elf or somekind of magical creature.

To do list:
-Eyemod: DONE
-Ear mod: WIP
-Torso mod:
-Mobility joint mod:
-Neck mod: WIP
-faceup and bodyblush:
Before the mod.
I bought her head and body seperately but they were quite the same color which is awesome.
Her body was spraypainted with white and pink so I sank her in isopropyl alcohol to get rid of the paint.

Finished eye mod.
I wanted to make her eyes smiling. I'm very pleased with the results.

Next I started making the elf ears and neck mod wih milliput. The reason why I added length to the neck was that her neck was for some reason shorter than my other minifees. 
Neck and ear mod.

Final ears. I still need to wait them to dry and then sand and paint them.

Test faceup. I'm super excited how she's going to turn out.

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more. :)

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