Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tampere Kuplii!

Oh it has been quite a while since I last wrote.

So, last weekend we went to Tampere Kuplii and I kinda applied to the cosplay competition even tho I told myself to make one cosplay at a time. Oh well, I think it all ended pretty well. There were many talented people this year too. 

Last year I got in the finalists with Aisaka Taiga cosplay from Toradora. And this year I went with Yotsuba but not the simple normal yotsuba but with the tsukutsukuboshi yotsuba. I was super happy to hear that I got in the finalists this year also. I received a medal and few movie tickets. 

About the costume itself. I didn't want to invest much money on this costume and decided to find my fabrics from second hand shops. The dress was quite simple, I added lining to give the dress more finished look and for the collar I used some fake leather I had left from my Pink Princess costume. The red dome I made from fimo-putty and gave it a nice gloss. Hat was made from foam and then coated with the same orange fabric.  For the shoes I used red stretchy furry fabric and more white fake leather to make the whole look more complete. 

Making the big sunflower and the mini sunflowers was fun! I dyed some felt and cutted the petals and strached them with hot water and sugar. Pretty simple huh? Center was made our from foam and coated with fabric and then painted with acrylic paint and glitter. For the stalk I found some plastic pipe and covered it with foam and plant tape and glued it. The tiny sunflowers had old pencils which were covered with the tape.

The biggest work in this costume was the wig. Yotsuba has really spiky hair so I used woodglue and hairspray to make the spikes more visible. This was my first time modding a wig so it was really exciting.

Overall I think I became good Yotsuba even tho I'm not that short and you know... a 5 year old.

Now for the pictures!
So this was the reference photo. Such quality but this is the only picture where you can see the colors of the costume.

Assembling the Sunflower :)
Tiny ones to hand out to the judges and strangers! 
Without glue

Oooh yeah!

Now some studio Photos. All these are taken by Emilia Lahtinen. Thank you so so much! <3

I'm not 100% happy with the bootcovers, better luck next time!
Little Worverine.

 That's it for now!

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