Friday, 11 September 2015

Any last words before going on a stage? (SO MANY PICTURES)

So, it has almost been a week since Tracon was and currently I'm suffering from awful flu probably because I don't have to stress anymore. This week has been very hard since  I didn't have any time to take a breath and just chill. Luckily that time has come and I finally have a free weekend! 
I've found some fabulous pictures and a video of our performance! Thank you to everybody who took their time to take a picture of us!

Now to the con day itself.

We woke up at 6  am and started doing our make-up and at 8 am we took off from my parents place with the big ass truck. 

It was about 9 when we arrived to Tampere Talo. Swiftly we got our bracelets and found our way to backstage to find some lovely cosplay mamas to help us carry our stage props in. Thank you so much for your help!

We started to put on our costumes and we were finished just before our judging. The judging went well, everybody were nice and very interested of Taijas soap props. In the practice we got some good tips for the actual performance. 

At the backstage the mood was very positive and it was easy to chat with all the pairs. I tend to talk a lot when I'm nervous but hopefully I didn't bother anyone. 

I finally saw our skit. It was different from what I thought it would be but I was very pleased with the results. There's few things which I would do differently if I could but very minor things. 

There it is! Video by lovely Bardiel's Videography

Get ready for many photos! Thank you lovely Photographers <3
Photo by: Katariina Ihalainen
Lovely Neaki <3 Photo by: Katariina Ihalainen
Frowny face..Photo by: Katariina Ihalainen
Photo by: Katariina Ihalainen
Photo by: Katariina Ihalainen
I loved being Rempo, I really did and I hope that you could see it on stage. I think that the character suits me pretty well. It's just that the costume itself is not that comfortable but you know what they say cosplay without pain is faking. :D

Nervous! Photo by: Matias Tukiainen
Rawr! Photo by: Matias Tukiainen
Photo by: Teppo Suominen
Would you like to break a snowman? Photo by: Mikael Peltomaa
Heheee Taija looks magical in this <3 Photo by: Mikael Peltomaa
Whaaat !? Photo by: Teppo Suominen
Slow motion! Photo by: Mikael Peltomaa
Photo by: Teppo Suominen
Strike a pose! Photo by: Mikael Peltomaa
After the skit we felt so relieved. Nothing broke, the horns stayed attached and the feeling was awesome. We just went there and had fun without thinking that we would actually get any prize. We were so shocked to hear that we got to the second place and people liked our skit. You can probably see our confusion on the result video. :'D Congrats to Jesmo and Yumikoyuki, you guys were awesome!

Lovely Madoka and Homura <3 Photo by: Matias Tukiainen
Smirky! Photo by: Timo Virtanen
We decided to put the costumes on on Sunday too, without the big chains. The day went pretty quickly and we went to see the NCC and performance competition. Lovely skits! <3

Lemme take a selfie. Photo by: Matias Tukiainen

Cheese! Photo by: Matias Tukiainen
 All in all our Tracon experience was so awesome and we met some new people! I hope to see you next year too! Thank you to everybody <3 

With love: Veera


  1. Teidän esitys oli mun ehdoton lemppari koko kisassa! Onnea tokasta sijasta :>