Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tracon X Part 2

Alrighty time to continue with the Tracon X post.
Few more things about the costumes before I talk about the stage props.

At first we felt like making Rempo and Neaki was an easy and good idea but during the process we realized why you haven't seen many of these cosplays in the past. 

Rempo has so much stuff on and I didn't realize it until I actually wore the whole thing. 
And Neaki... oh Neaki. She has all these transparent items in her costumes plus all the gradient fabrics and wig. 

In the judging they mentioned about the soap and you probably were left a bit hanging why. 
Taija came to me with an idea for her transparent items. At first I really thought it was the worst idea ever but it actually worked! She made her horns and staff from soap which was coated with varnish.
Cheap and non-toxic and I thought it looked pretty solid ice to me so well done my friend! You fooled everybody! 

Ice Ice baby
Here's some test make-up photos of Rempo that we took for the portfolio. For the actual make-up that you saw in the competition I added ton of bronzer and so much more foundation. If I had to pick the hardest part in this costume it'd have to be attaching the horns. At first I planned on gluing them to a headband and putting it on top of my wig but we found a solution to attach the horns underneath the wig so it looked all nice and tidy.

At first I was afraid I was petrified... of making weird faces which are quite normal for Rempo but  after a while I got used to it and not so shy about it.. To be honest I'm still pretty anxious to see our performance on video because I have no idea how it looked and we did get a lot of good feedback of it so... I'm just waiting..

Stage props in the next post!


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