Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tracon X & Rempo

Uh oh! It was that time of the year again.  Tracon, And  after last years WCS-preliminations me and Taija made a decision to try again. This time we went with Rempo (Fire Spirit) and Neaki (Ice Spirit) from a game called Avalon Code. Me as the spicy and impulsive Rempo and Taija as Icy and very very cool Neaki.

This year we got in to the competition with a portfolio and you could see that the quality of the competition got higher so well done everybody, I saw many fantastic costumes and performances and I'm still waiting for the youtube videos to come up! And for our surprise we got to the second place which I still can't believe!

Making Rempo has been quite a roller-coaster of emotions. There has been some good days and bad days but I guess it all paid off with the second place in the competition. 

So first some pictures of the process.

For the actual wig I combined 3 orange wigs to get enough volume.

Testing testing.

Final product.
Taija had to dye 2 wigs to get enough volume and the ombre effect for her wig


In the next post I'll be talking about the stage props, performance and how I feel about all this!


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