Tuesday, 6 October 2015


''No cosplay for 6 months!!'' ...is what I said a week before Tracon. However life doesn't always go how you thought it would and for some reason I kinda have all the costumes planned for the next 12 months.... :'D 

About a month ago I started school in University of applied scienses in the Design department. At first the thought of balancing school and cosplay felt impossible but I thought that I should give it a try. Financially cosplaying and studying don't combine really well because.. you know.. no money to waste. But with the help of student loan and my parents I might have a chance to continue cosplaying. 

After Rempo I felt like it had sucked all the cosplay juices out of me but suddenly I had so much enthusiasm to make more costumes that it kinda got out of hand. 

I decided to start with my all time favorite character Princess Peach. I chose the dress which she wears in Super Smash bros Wii U. On top of Peach I started making character named Wigfrid from Don't Starve.

In addition to my cosplay costumes I've dressed for student parties. 

For one Thursday I dressed as Artist barbie for the Girl Power party and on another Thursday I wen't as Shauna to a Pokemon party. I also made my friend Miro Jigglypuff ears so we wen't there as a team. I have to say that I'm really proud how the masterball turned out since I used very little time to make it. 

Life in plastic

Lovely ladies~

Masterful Masterball
Yesterday I searched through Eurokangas and Jättirätti for the fabrics to Peach's dress. Considering the time of the year you can already guess that I didn't find three perfect pink fabrics. I didn't find a single good fabric for her dress... Time to search through some online fabric stores and hope for the best...

Ears for Miro

I've invaded schools textile classroom!!


Stay tuned for more!

XOXO: Veera

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