Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Some more Peach.

Here's some WIP pictures I haven't posted yet.
All pretty random here and there.

Testing testing

I made the chest just out of two cardboard boxes. It is not the prettiest but you know what they say, stageprops are just stageprops.

White sash in the hem was quite painful to make. For some random reason it has all these little holes in it. I could've tried to find a method to keep the borders from fraying with sewing but I just went with superglue since there were so many holes. I liked how the printing came out on the white fabric. Even if you can't see the printing in the reference picture without zooming close it is still there. I used the same print on the fabric for the gloves.

Shoes were pretty simple. I just had these heels in my closet and I painted them pinkish red. Crown is made out of worbla and fimo gems. I tried making molds out of silicone and even bought the resin for it but it was an epic fail. Maybe next time I need to make some stones I shall try it again.

Goomba was made out of hard cardboard and I made wooden stand for it in school. It had wheels at first but he went way too fast so in the end I just took the wheels off and glued some fleece on the bottom.

Makeup & dress testing.

I'm pretty proud how the gloves turned out. I liked the print and sewing was easy. 

Makeup testing 

There are many things I would do again but in the end I think that the costume worked well together. I think I looked Peachy and felt like the goofy pink cupcake that she is. 

I'm still waiting for the ECG pictures to pop online and we are taking photo shoot of Peach in suitable (royal) environment soon.

More projects coming soon! Stay tuned!

Fancy new balls. Such Red. Wow.

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