Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Some plans/wips/stuff

Now that I have defeated the con hangover it is time to talk about future costumes and conventions!

Somehow this year I've managed to schedule some time for more than just 2 conventions.

I was asked to come judge the performance competition in Winter Nekocon in Kuopio and we planned to go to Tampere Kuplii with Taija. I feel like this spring is going to be quite busy!

For Nekocon I shall probably be wearing Kay Faraday costume if I manage to finish it if not I shall roll as Peach. This is my first time judging and I'm super super nervous but at the same time looking forward to it!

Tampere kuplii is going to be in Tampere Talo this year and I'm super excited since the Plevna area wasn't that appealing with seperate buildings. For Tampere kuplii we'll be wearing the very famous badgers from Miles Edgeworth investigations. 

Me as Pink Badger and Taija as Blue Badger. And yes of course we shall be the real characters beneath the soft costumes. I dug up my good old Oldbag wig and gave it good wash. Now it is better than ever. Just some hairspray and talc and I'm good to go. 


Now some WIP pictures just for funsies! We spent the last weekend sewing some lovely fleece and our costumes are almost done.

The base is made out of just random foam pieces.
Cotton wool layer to give the heads some shape

Patterns and Taija

Getting there

I also gave myself a test makeup. Gotta keep practicing. 
Such natural beauty.

Oh the Desucon Frostbite pictures came!
I love how these turned out. Hopefully next week we'll have enough time to have photo shoot of Peachy.
Pink Cupcake! Photo by H. Taino
Photo by H.Taino
One day I went through all my cosplay pictures and found a picture of Rempo. This is why I love cosplay. You can just pick a character and transform into Feisty Fire Spirit or Pretty Princess (or Sassy Oldlady) for a day or two~

Left photo by Sami Räbinä, Right by Tytti Levänen
That's it for now. Stay tuned for more!

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