Sunday, 20 March 2016


Photographer: Santtu Pajukanta
Just few weeks ago we were at Winter Nekocon and this weekend we attended to Tampere Kuplii. This year the festival was held in Tampere Talo. I arrived at Tampere on Friday and Taija came there later that day and brought our costumes.  We stayed at my brothers place, we spent the Friday evening just chilling even thought we knew that we would perform tomorrow. 

We woke up at 7 on Saturday and  started slapping on all the make-up. My character was the famous Wendy Oldbag. I cosplayed her last time in 2014 wcs preliminations in Pink Princess costume. This time the costume was still pink but totally different. 

Photographer: Santtu Pajukanta

Photographer: Santtu Pajukanta

I wrote about making the costumes in earlier postOur skit was just going be this simple love story of two police mascots. For the music chose the original badger theme music and Can't take my eyes off you by Gloria Gaynor. We thought of revealing the true characters underneath the masks but we didn't want to confuse the audience since we had just 2 minutes to perform.

I've always said that I will not do a dance skit but you know the phrase never say never. Thankfully our choreography was fairly simple. Sadly the small stage didn't have as much as choices with the lights. I would've wanted some party lights in the dance part and just a simple spot light for the beginning. 

Saturday was quite laid back and we didn't stress that much of the performance. We had rehearsed the skit few times earlier and felt confident. Here's the skit! 

Video by lovely Hensskii

For our surprise we placed first! After the competition we went to get feedback from the judges. Thank you for your kind words <3

Tampere Kuplii might have been cold convention for some of the people but me and Taija were super happy to be outside with those fleece overalls. All the small children were super excited to see pastel colored mascots and it was fun to confuse people. Many hugs were given this weekend. 

We also photoshooted our costumes with Hensskii

On Sunday we just decided to go only with the badger costumes and chill. 

That's it for now!

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