Tuesday, 15 March 2016


So. Me and Taija adventured to Winter Nekocon in Kuopio! I had planned to make Kay Faraday for the convention but ended up going as Kiki since I didn't have time and energy to battle with the costume. My journey started from Turku and I changed the bus in Helsinki and grabbed Taija with me. The Onnibus journey took 5 hours and we had much time to chat and lag. 

Friday evening went fast, we just chilled at the school where we stayed and went to bed quite early. 


Kiki was so comfortable to wear. Just a dress, bloomers, wig and accessories. Most of the pieces were made the week before.
Saturday was very thrilling day since it was our first time actually working in a convention.  We were the judges in the performance competition and we gathered some cool cosplayers for the Hall cosplay show. Luckily we had lovely Sonoko with us to guide us through the day and all the staff were awesome and everything went smoothly. The judging was super hard since all the performances were so good. In the end everything went well and it was a nice experience and I wouldn't mind being a judge again in the future. 

On Sunday our bus left early since I had 7 hours to travel back to Turku,


Hopefully we get to photoshoot Kiki soon. Easter witching!

Now some WIPs here and there~

I ended up making a plush Jiji and made him little bit bigger than he actually is just for the illusion that I would look a tad younger and smaller.


Super duper fast shoes.   


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