Thursday, 28 July 2016

It's the end of July!

Hey hey hey! It's that time of the month again! 

July has been very versatile month! I spent half of it in on-the-job learning and the other half just chilling and preparing for Tracon. I haven't had that much to post about since I want to keep things quiet before the competition!

 Anyways I feel like my posts are most just WIP pictures and you know the usual process selfies but I haven't made all ''talk'' posts. I'm not the kind of blogger/cosplayer who likes to rant/investigate or  just chitchat about stuff. I like to keep things simple and tell what I'm doing at the moment but I thought hey maybe I should try something else. 

This time I thought I would talk about past costumes and cleaning out the closet. 

Ever since I started cosplaying I've gathered all kind of knick-knacks, misc crap inside all kind of bags and boxes and all this hoarding has started counter movement in the ''usable real things in life'' -department. Because I have so much crafting stuff I feel the need to have less everywhere else. Hopefully that helps me to not become a full time hoarder who hoards her feces inside teeny tiny boxes. That's just the worst scenario. 

I went to my parents place and decided to dig up some old costumes. I mainly have just few costumes there and my graveyard of stage props. I'm all about recycling old props and it seems that my parents don't mind that they have random crap in the garage and storage. 

The wcs -preliminaries have been on my mind and I went ahead and decided to get rid of my first preliminary costume The Pink Princess. It's horrifying but also good feeling to see the improvement I've made in these past few years. That time Worbla wasn't a thing and stuff was made by using things I had easy access. I really liked the costume but went ahead and destroyed the whole thing. 

It was so satisfying.

Of course I saved everything that I could reuse. I feel like I've become a person who doesn't like to cling on stuff. I have few things that I like keeping around like old photos etc but things like clothes or some old gifts (sorry friends) I don't like saving if I don't really need them or use things in daily basis. The memories count more than some random items filling up my closets. 

Also I have a bad habit that once I've used a costume in a convention I don't want to wear it ever again. I've had few schoolgirl cosplays that I've kept around but the sensation of new costumes is just too tempting. Does anyone else feel this way?

Next month is going to be busy and awesome and I'm so looking forward to Tracon! 

And because we're living so exhilarating times I'm going to show you something that only few people have seen before: little practice footage for both of our old performances just for funsies (Pink Princess & Rempo). It really is a journey from the garage/park/practice place to the actual stage. 

I hope you all enjoy your summer!
Stay tuned for more! 

XXO: Veera

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