Sunday, 28 August 2016


Hey! Yet again it's almost end of the month and the time sure is flying fast! Only a week till Tracon!  Almost everything done and ready to go and I'm feeling some butterflies in my stomach! 

This time I'm going to tell you about my experience of making a lifecast. Lately I've been watching so many FX make-up tutorials that I had to make myself one. Lifecast can be used making latex prosthetics that fit perfectly to your face. This is also my secret plan of preserving my youth once I become old and wrinkly... I'll just make new latex face.

I watched bunch of videos how to make one and studied the tips and dangers. 

The scariest part was probably covering my eyebrows and eyes with plaster bands. Before starting I covered my face with Vaseline, taped my piercings and covered my head with plastic wrap.

Trying to not look like a serial killer. 

I could do this all by myself in one day except I needed some help covering the eyes. After my cast was ready I removed it from my face by moving my jaw from side to side. Then I used some more plaster bands to make it more sturdy and covered all the holes. After that I just waited it to dry and brushed the inside of the cast with more vaseline, mixed the plaster and poured it into the cast. It takes about one hour for the mixture to dry and tadaa you got a brand new face!

 My first try turned out fine but just little bubbly and wonky so I gave it to my sister so she can hide it somewhere. 

The second one turned out better!  I sanded it a bit and added some details and carved out the nostrils. I'm probably going to sand it more with my dremel later and add few layers of glue to protect the cast. 

It is certainly strange to see your face like this.  Hopefully I get to make some cool latex props with this!


That's it!
- Veera

This is my excitement face. 

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