Monday, 5 September 2016

Stage props etc!

Aaaand we're back.

In this post I shall continue with by telling you about our stage props. After last year we decided not to make anything big and something which could be carried to Tampere-Talo with regular car. Well... ideas fly when you're having fun right? In this point I'd like to once again thank my dad and brother for the helping hand.

Our philosophy while making the stage props is always if it look good 10 meters away it's good, let's not waste precious time painting all the teeny tiny details. No judging!

In our props you can see some recycled things too! For example these mushroom caps (except the red one) Are from my darling Pink Princess. Her boob and shoulder pads made some great mushroom caps! Also the bottom used to be our snowman base (RIP 2015-2016).

We wanted that the viewer could get clear idea where our story happened so we made it pretty obvious. Or so we think. Also the tree houses roots were made from our showman (RIP)

The best thing making the soundtrack was recording the bird part. We both tried it but then decided that my KAKAA was better. 

Trying out our full costumes for the first time was truly traumatizing because we realized how much stuff we had to put on.

We haven't made this kind of skit where our characters actually worked together than against each other. We had few issues with the weather and also bees where really aggressive since everything smelled like spraypaint. 

Parade worms... or snakes...

Alright! That's it for now! Stay tuned for more Tracon stuff!
My eyes are getting less puffier!
Sincerely: Veera

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