Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Third time's the charm?

Yass! Let's get back to business and talk about Tracon! Shall we start from the beginning.

On Friday we planned to have one last practice and make sure that everything was fine. First we tried to rehearse outside but it was way too windy and there were bees everywhere. In the end we ended up ''practicing'' in my parents living room/kitchen without all our props. I felt like we didn't practice enough, I felt like it needed more space and little bit more time to actually get everything right. But in the end, you'll never know what's going to happen until you get on that stage. Hopefully everything stays on for 2 minutes and 30 seconds when you're giving everything you've got. 

Anyways. Here's our newest addition to the beautiful series of practice videos. Unedited, with all goodies. It is a long way from home to the stage. Enjoy?

After practicing we packed everything and headed to Iittala train ''station'' and thus began our journey to Tampere.


We met our friends, chilled and tried to relax. It was fairly difficult and we ended up staying awake waaaay too late.


We arrived to backstage and heard that many pairs had cancelled and there was just 4 pairs left to compete. I truly wished more would have showed up, I wanted to see ALL the amazing costumes and performances! Hopefully we get to see them later!

Anyways that meant our schedule jumped forward and in the end we had about one hour to put everything on. Thanks for Henna, Minna and Tytti without you guys we would've been late!

It was time for our practice this time it was before the judging. I felt like I couldn't give my all since I didn't want to break a sweat or my costume. That's why I think it's always better to have practice after the judging. The judging went well, I froze just once! Our English is pretty fluent and the judges wanted us to tell them about our costumes. After that they asked us some questions. I had thought what I wanted to say but in the end everything just came out naturally. 

After judging we went to our hostel room and after regaining our strength we strolled around Tampere-Talo. 

Just seriously look how cute Taija is. I can't. I just can't.

Time to hit the backstage! All the NCC and WCS contestants were there and the mood was excited and everybody were super positive and I felt like we're all in this together. I think it was relieving that you could talk to anybody back there. 

The line was getting shorted quickly and it was our time. We didn't have enough time to solve all the feathers in the strings so we decided to leave them tangled. This comes to play later when we get on the stage. I also had planned using cute fangs but ended up taking them off seconds before getting on stage. 

Well the skit went well...ish? I got out from the hut without tripping and I almost knocked over our apple tree. In the end I got the worm in my mouth and people laughed so it's all good. But I'm not totally 100% happy with our skit. I think there's always room for improvement. 

Here's our skit with the original music. Video by lovely Henna! Thank you so much <3

Skit was done and we sat down. Everything we had planned for about a year was gone in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I must admit I totally sobbed after sitting down. NCC started and there were some awesome skits, I think it's an accomplishment itself to get on the stage all alone! Congratulations to Rullarinkeli! 

I really don't know what to say yet. Everything happened so fast. Let's just say I'm glad that we decided to come back on stage after last year. 

Here's the full stream! It's shame that I couldn't see other performances live and the video doesn't give that much with all the DUNTSDUNTS music. All the pairs competing were super talented and I hope to see each and everyone back next year.  In the end there is award ceremony and our interview. Photos below are screenshots from the stream. 

  I wonder how much tears and snot and ugly cry-faces there are in the photographer pictures.... 

After there ceremony we took few pictures and got some feedback. Judges were super nice and gave great advises for the future. We are going to need them.

Evening continued by going to Burger King and to the hotel tower thing for a drink. And I was probably crying 90% of the time.  

Sobby girls. The Struggle is real

On Sunday we wore our costumes for few hours, strolled around Tampere-talo and watched the competition. I was holding tears the whole time. Awesome skits everywhere, I wish I could dance like that!

Photo stolen from Jesmo

Crybabies saying bye bye 

Thank you for all the love and support from family&friends. Thank you for the crew behind the stage, without you guys this event wouldn't be possible.  It was once again a pleasure to perform in Tampere-talo. We have been offered a chance to perform on a amazing stage like this, with amazing staff. We don't have to bring our stage props on stage by our self. We have awesome technology to set up lights and even smoke to really make the performance come to life.  It is an opportunity that not many people have. 
We hope to inspire you to use this opportunity. 

With love: Veera & Taija 

Photographer: Lovely, Katariina Ihalainen