Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Back to business!

Hi! It has been over a month from Tracon and oh boy I've been busy. School started and I've been travelling almost every weekend to somewhere. I'm currently writing from my sisters place and around midnight I'm going to step into a train which travels to Rovaniemi where I meet Taija. 
I've finally gotten over of this rollercoster of emotions and we've been planning stuff so much for the future!

Anyways here's some stuff I've done past month!

I decided to clean out our sewing classroom since I'll be spending a lot of time there!
So fancy!

Me and Taija also went to a Pokemon theme party.  

Quick closet costumes.

I said byebye to our stage props which are currently burning in the yard.  
Also we packed away our Lauca & Sylphy costumes. Bittersweet feelings. 

I've been cleaning out some of my old costumes and we've been filming some WCS related material. We chose all our costumes for the Summit, here's my top-secret pixel moodboard.

I also visited Helsinki and we met up with Yumi and Jesmo!

Photo stolen from Jesmo!
I've gone to few student parties. This particular demon thing was for slumber party. I figured that in every slumber party there's a monster under the bed. 



That's it for now!
- Veera

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