Thursday, 1 December 2016


Hello hello hello! 
I can't share much of my cosplay battlefront right now so I thought maybe I could share my thoughts of  the year 2016!

My 2016 started with a blast, we just placed second in Tracon 2015 and I still had that sort of boom on when I decided to compete solo for the first time in ECG preliminaries Desucon Frostbite. I made Princess Peach costume as a school project. I loved to compete alone but felt like I wanted Taija to be there with me on that stage. Anyways it was an eyeopening experience and I believe that some day I'll be returning on the stage solo. 

Picture by: Jenni Suominen
Picture by: Tytti Levänen

We were also approached by Stina and Mette and we got a chance to judge at Nekocon Winter! We had never judged before. I loved seeing the other side of competing and felt like I got so much experience even if there was only 3 competitors. I made casual Kiki costume for Nekocon.  

Picture by: Henna Jylhä
Picture by: Henna Jylhä
After Tracon me and Taija felt like that 12 months until next preliminaries was way too long time  out of stage so we decided to apply to Tampere Kuplii performance competition which was held for the first time in Tampere-Talo. Our plan was just to have fun with our badger costumes and we ended up winning the first place! 

Picture by: Henna Jylhä

Picture by: Santtu Pajukanta 
After Tampere Kuplii we started aiming for Tracon and summer was filled with work, planning and brainstorming. I felt like we changed our performance over 5 times before we found the right one. Last year I had said that we wouldn't bring any large props to the stage. Something that us two could carry. Well... we all know how that went. Winning the WCS- preliminaries has really been the highlight of my year. Even if we wouldn't have won the competition it still would have been my highlight. WCS-preliminaries have been such a tradition to us for 3 years so it feels very odd that next year we won't be competing there! I realize now how much I've learned in these years about project work and collaboration. It really takes commitment to get on that stage and do your thing. 

Picture by: Matias Tukiainen

Picture by: Matias Tukiainen

Picture by: Matias Tukiainen

Before the WCS-preliminaries I had actually applied to Finnish Cosplay Championship solo category but I quickly I ended up cancelling because of what happened in Tracon. I still have all the materials and my skit for that magical girl so we'll see if I get to make her maybe in 2017. We ended up getting a chance to judge the group category for Cosplay SM in Gamexpo. I feel like I've got the hang of judging, how to look at the costume and what I should take in consideration when looking at the skit. I like giving feedback as well.  

Year 2016 has probably been the most eventful cosplay year for me yet. I didn't make that many costumes but I've learned so much and gained tons of experience. I also got to know many lovely and awesome people. 2017 will be filled with all the WCS stuff. Costumes, videos etc, I'm super duper excited. I feel so fortunate. 

Even if I don't get that many comments in here I want to thank you readers for coming here and checking out my journey as a cosplayer. This has been a habit for me to update here once a month for almost over 3 years now and I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon. This is also a way for me to store my experiences and process all things happening around me.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and  a Wonderful New Year! 

Sincerely: Veera

So many school deadlines. Only few weeks to go. I can do this. 

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