Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hey hey hey! Time to chitchat about Yukicon! I have never actually been to the convention so it was a nice experience. 

Here's the video!

On Saturday we didn't have anything planned, we wanted to wear our badger costumes for the second time. They were really hot so we spent a lot of time outside.

Photographer: Danten Shiro

We didn't stay for too long because we wanted to just chill and prepare for Sundays judging job. 

I tested those melting plastic bead thingies for the first time!
 Sunday was super exciting because we got to judge the group competition. I've gotten more confident with judging and I feel like I get too excited sometimes. 
Keep your cool gurl!

We chatted with many lovely people and chilled at the backstage!

Show time, it was super fun to get on the stage to announce the winners, I don't have that much stage fright and I feel like I could talk even more on stage. It was fun, I'm getting used to this!

Photographer: Matias Tukiainen
Photographer: Matias Tukiainen

Photographer: Matias Tukiainen

That was Yukicon! Nothing major, just a chill weekend~ 

We also announced our third costumes for WCS, much excite!

I've been taking a little break in making costumes and focused in school for I while. Everything is in the back of my mind always of course. I'm still super thankful of everything that happened and it is time to turn up the volume and get back to work for reals soon!

My 90's party look

Oh and we also moved to a new place so I've been kinda busy!
 Next convention is Tampere Kuplii this weekend, I'll see you there~

Sincerely: Veera

Bye bye old apartment.

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