Saturday, 22 April 2017

It's spring! Well kinda.

Hey! Time to write some stuff about costumes and conventions!
We announced our fourth costumes for WCS!  Here's some WIP pictures~

Kay is so cute, I've planned making the costume for few years! 


I made the pin on the right ages ago! Nice to see some improvement.

I've searched for some Kay cosplays and I've yet found the perfect scarf because it is gravity defying and scaft in real life would never look as good. So I decided to sew it in form by hand and I think it looks okay! (lol o- Kay, kay, get it?) 

I've never made high ponytail wig and I also searched for tutorials and etc and ended up making simple worbla hat with pipe. :D We'll see if it works out. So far so good! 

Making the gloves from scratch and I dyed the dark brown fabric.

I found most of the fabrics for Kay from Jättirätti! Cheap!

Next up  Tampere Kuplii! I was judging the costume and performance competition alongside with Rindalin, Faroni and Lunatar.  We had tough time choosing all the winners and finalists! 

Ayyy new badge!

Also here's the video. 

It was really a big deal and honor for me to judge in Tampere Kuplii. I've watched the competition many times and I've competed two times and luckily both times I ended up as a finalist. Tampere Kuplii has honestly been one of the dearest competitions for me. It is sad that the familiar Finnkino isn't the place where it is held nowdays but there's always room for improvement and hopefully Tampere Kuplii will grow to something bigger!

Baby Veera as Aisaka Taiga! Photographer: Santtu Pajukanta

Yotsubaba! Photographer: Santtu Pajukanta

Judges! Photographer: Tytti Levänen

I also started my own Youtube channel for random things. I've applied for exchange student program in a year and I'd really like to make videos when I'm there.  Tokio 2K18 here I come!

Here's also few looks I've done!

This weekend we have been planning our skit for WCS! Exciting times!

Just one more week till school ends! I can't wait to turn up the heat and start making my costumes for reals!

- Veera

PS: We are cute in this picture! Photographer: Punapanda

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