Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Eyyy! It's time for a blogpost! This time I haven't gone to any convention, I've just been making things. 

First thing first! We announced our Final costumes for World Cosplay Summit! Here's the video! 

So, let's go over Trucy before we hop on the Anwar things. Trucy is almost finished, just bootcovers, gloves and few small details and she's done! I'll post more pictures later when I got everything together.

Oh god that bag why. why why. 
I've been making fun videos also and I attended party as Laalaa from teletubbies!

Be true to yourself.

Okay now to Anwar! I got so much things to do but I'm so proud what I've done so far!

Testing vinyl!
I made the base for the sword and learned how to use laser cutter in school!
 I made the base from insulation foam because I wanted it to have sturdy base. I covered the foam base with 0,5 cm craft foam. I found bright lilac sort of suede fabric so I decided to make ''reverse'' stencils. With computer I made the shapes for the sword using the official art reference picture.  

Then I just trained using the cutter and cut a bunch on just regular contact paper. I knew from the beginning  that I need to fit the sword inside luggage. By cutting it in pieces it was easier to cover every piece with fabric. I just need to drill holes to each piece and place a plastic pipe inside and figure out how I'm going to lock these pieces together. Probably with bag straps. We'll see! 

I've also been live streaming in Instagram a lot! 

I was happy with my results but I wanted to add little more depth to the pieces so I used purple dry pastel dust to make shadows and white permanent marker to add highlights. I think this step made everything pop! I sealed the deal with clear spray. I'm probably going to add some more bling and some kind of glitter spray later.

This is me working in our kitchen..
I made some straps! After this photo I've used some shoe polish to weather the fake leather.

Okay! This is it so far. I have some other things ready but I'll leave it to other post!

2 months till Japan! I can feel the heat and let's see how broken I'm after this month and the constant reminding from family members doesn't really help the stress situation if you know what I mean.

BUT either way I enjoy every moment every minute, every day, every second because WCS itself will go over so fast. All the breakdowns, feeling of excitement, anxiety, fear, joy.. All the feelings are just part of this process. I'm just so happy to be here doing what I love.

We still have a lot things to do but we will get them done because we have always managed to make everything ready in time. We just need to work work work work!


Yours truly: Veera 


  1. I wish you the best of luck, the progress looks promising! You can do it! :D
    Also, that He-man photo is gorgeous.

    1. I'm so sorry, I've missed this comment :D Don't get many here anyways. Thank you so much <3 and yes He-man is gorgeous :D