Saturday, 22 July 2017

Let's go back in time

I wanted to write something before we leave to Japan. Currently my costume is almost ready and I'm excited and terrified about what's about to happen next week. WCS has been our project for over 4 years now and it got me thinking. What is my identity as a cosplayer after World Cosplay Summit?

So I thought I would clear my head in this post before leaving and see how my feelings have changed after the trip.

Let's go back in time! Back to the start. I started cosplaying in elementary school. My first costume was Mistral from Hack. I cried so much making this costume while my mom and sister helped me making in. In a way nothing has really changed. Hehe. 

I don't know who took this photo! Thanks to the photographer anyways <3

I don't know who took this photo! Thanks to the photographer anyways <3
I didn't really have much friends who even liked anime in our small school. But I wouldn't let that stop me. Soon after my first costume I entered the competition world. The costume was so bad but I was so proud of it. Maybe someday I'll recreate this.
I don't know who took this photo! Thanks to the photographer anyways <3
After that my cosplay hobby was on/off kind of hobby. I really haven't made that many costumes in 10 years. 

Photo by: Santtu Pajukanta

Photo by: Tytti Levänen

I got back into cosplay when I was in dressmaking school and I discovered WCS- preliminaries in 2013 and I was mesmerized. So me and Taija embarked on a long long journey of competing. I never dreamed of winning really, we genuinely just enjoyed performing. We always had a concept, idea and passion to make a story and execute it on a stage.

Photo by Nyymix
Photo by: Emilia Lahtinen
Photo by: Sami Räbinä

Photo by: Mikael Peltomaa

Photo by: Santtu Pajukanta

It has been looong year which I've truly enjoyed. But it really got me thinking, what happens after all this? What thrives me in cosplay? Is it performing? Doing projects with Taija? Making costumes? Competing? Challenging myself? Pushing myself? Is this just a project and after finishing it I won't cosplay ever again?

Photo by: Daniel Hagelberg
This year I discovered the cosplay community. I've met so many lovely and awesome people and everyone are so nice. I'm so thankful. <3

Photo by: Punapanda

In Tracon our circle comes to an end and it's time for something else. Maybe I will take a break, maybe I will get back on stage or maybe I will start cosplaying just for fun? 

I really don't know... But I do know that our plane leaves Finland on Thursday and I'm going to enjoy every second of our journey.

Yours truly: Veera

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