Monday, 14 August 2017

WCS 1 / 4


We are finally done with World Cosplay Summit and now it's time to write something about it even though we're still in Japan for another week! I need to get this out of my system before Tracon! Sorry for all the picture/text malfunctions, Blogger doesn't want to work with me tonight.

I'm going to make this a 4 part blog post with different categories each. The parts are going to be: Preparing & leaving, Courtesy Visits & events, Competition & preparations and finally my final thoughts! You can see the chronological daily-life from our vlogs, so these blog posts are more observing and my opinions! I hope you enjoy them!


So as you know WCS representatives are chosen in Tracon 10 months before leaving to Japan. Plenty of time you would say! I decided for the first thing that I wanted to make videos. I wanted to document our journey and also teach myself how to edit and be in front of a camera. I think also that our videos show what happens in WCS and takes the viewer along to the journey.
We didn't choose our costumes for the competition right away! We had 3 options but in the end we went with Avalon Code. Being on time, handling life situations and preparing and planning every little thing were probably the key things in this project. Luckily enough I had the option making this WCS my very own school project which I could get credits from.

Not all things go as planned but planning and writing stuff down really helped to really understand what happens and when. We didn't really stress what would happen in Japan. The most stressful moments were right before leaving and making sure we got everything with us.

I posted once a month a blog post here as well as we made a video once a month. Updating various social media accounts such as twitter, facebook and instagram were also important to me. Mostly I made all the videos and took care of the editing which is fine by me because that's going to be my profession in the end as a designer so this was nice practice. That's the arrangement which worked with me and Taija! 

There's a lot of preparing, paperwork etc to be done before leaving and sometimes I felt really overwhelmed with things but then I just needed to remember that freak-outs were okay. It's not like you travel to Japan every day. 

10 months was a long time to think about WCS, it was with me in every decision I had to make towards my future. I'm fortunate to have so much support from my family, friends and boyfriend who kept me going onward. In the end the passion for everything comes from yourself and at times I felt like Taija was the only one who understand how I felt because we were the ones going to WCS. 

I feel so proud of myself that I could keep up with the videos and everything! I've learned so much and I've embraced every moment of this year, not just the WCS itself but all the events and moments in Finland. It has truly been a honor to be a representative. There are still few more WCS videos to come, stay tuned for that! 

Anyways, enough of rambling! 3 more blogposts coming out soon! 
Yours truly: Veera


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