Thursday, 17 August 2017

WCS 3/4


Many preparations had to be made before even stepping on the stage.

In Finland we prepared our soundtrack&video, stage sheet, stage props & prop info and presentations for the judging and ofc our costumes. In total we planned 5 costumes each and I took 4 in the end and wore three of them. If I were to choose my costumes now, I would make only three because of the logistics. Hopefully I get to wear Trucy and Kay soon too!

Judging etc were separated in two days because there are so many teams. First day we went to the stage meeting where we went through our skit and the lights. Next we filmed our intro video and filled in a survey for WCS.

Next day was the stressful day! First we had to put on our costumes, Anwar has so many little trinkets and scarves so it took surprisingly long to dress up. Then we headed to the photoshoot and weighted our props which we had assembled beforehand. Our props were mostly cardboard and fabric. We saved the led lights and the Crystal ball but other things were just thrown in the trash.
After the weighting we went to judging! It was a big conference room filled with many people. We didn't really practice the presentation. These things come to us naturally. We were given a clicker for the powerpoint and in total we had 10 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for the translation, questions and for the judges to actually touch our costumes.

We went through our presentation quickly and after that a mass of people surrounded us and people were touching everything and asking a lot of questions! It was fun! We felt good after the judging, it wasn't as bad as we thought.
Day before semifinals we went to practice in Aichi arts Center. First we went through the show and our stage props were brought backstage. Everybody had their own square where they placed their stuff.

Time to practice!

We got to go through our skit two times. First time we explained where our stuff goes and checked if the lights were okay. Second time we went through our block without pauses. There were 3 blocks and we were in the last one so we had so much time to spend backstage.


Our morning started with a breakfast and we put our makeup on already in the hotel room. We moved to the Aichi Center and started dressing up slowly and watched everybody performing from backstage. Your perspective really changes when you get to see the show from inside.

Suddenly it's our turn! Everything went well! Nothing fell, everything stayed in their place. Everybody had so flashy and powerful performances and ours was bit more slow paced compared to them. Our main goal was to tell a story so you could understand it even without knowing the reference. You get such a rush on a stage which is hard to explain. The feeling takes over and you become the character for a moment. It was easier to perform in Japan for some reason than Tracon. We weren't as nervous.

We even got to the brother interview for the award! It all happened so suddenly! Then it was time to get on the stage for the results. Because we are used to perform only once the thought of going to second stage was strange. There were so many awesome skits and costumes that we didn't think we would make it. We were super shocked to hear our country in the bunch.


Next day was pretty much the same but with less teams so we didn't have to wait that much backstage. Awards were given and proposals were made and suddenly it was all over! In a blink of an eye!
Next post is the last one! Hold tight!

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