Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Yay another blogpost!

We went to Turku Bookfair as cosplay agents to pick up cosplayers for the competition which was held there as well. About a month before that I went to our local library to talk about what cosplay is and why do I cosplay.

I dressed up as Kiki and made a small presentation about cosplay and my view about cosplay. 
I'm pretty used in presenting myself and about stuff that I know. It was fun. 

http://tstv.fi/video/35076  <---- Small interview

Being at the Bookfair was fun even though we didn't do that much being there. We still got free food tickets which was nice. It was also nice to hang out with old and new friends!
I got the wear Trucy again, the costume is quite comfortable!

After that everything has been more quiet. I've been working on a new project which I will be wearing next weekend in Gamexpo (hopefully). School has kept me busy and the truth to be told I'm still bit breathless after Japan. I've been making videos from Japan slowly on my own pace and  we also took some pictures of Akko with Henna! 

I think I haven't shared these pictures yet! These are taken by Giro. Hopefully we get to shoot these costumes some time soon in suitable environment!

All in all I'm going to be quite busy this month preparing the paperwork for my exchange student program. I still have bunch of cosplays planned before I leave... :D 

Here are my Halloween looks!

Anyways, this is it for now! I'll see you in Gamexpo! 
Yours Truly: Veera

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