Monday, 9 October 2017


Hey! I am late from my normal schedule but here it goes, my Tracon blogpost!

So I had 2 weeks before Tracon since we landed back to Finland from our trip and I wanted to make a new cosplay for Saturday! I wanted to make Akko from Little Witch Academia! After WCS I've had serious convention hangover, we'll see how long it takes to go away.....

Coming back to reality has really been a bit of a struggle. The thing that kept you busy all year is now gone and not everything spins around WCS related stuff. I've found out that for example running helps with this ''restlessness'', I need to keep myself busy.


I liked how the dress turned out. I still could be more precise with everything instead of being lazy.  Well there's always more costumes to make! (More pics from Akko later!)

I wanted to wear Akko on Saturday and Trucy on Sunday since I didn't get to wear Trucy in Japan.

Here's a vlog from Saturday & Sunday!

Cute selfies!

Pictures by: Suvi Palosaari
Picture form Uruhara FC and it's taken by Minna
Saturday was really emotional for me and both me and Taija were bit exhausted still from Japan. It felt strange to not compete, since we spent last three years in the preliminaries. Everything went well in the end and we had so many awesome pairs this year! I am sure that Nio and Cidate are going to be great representatives for next year!


I wore Trucy and then I was pulled to Hall- cosplay competition! I wasn't sure at first but then I thought it could help with the Japan hangover. :D It really brought me back to Tracon 2013 when I wore my Aisaka Taiga in the costume competition...  I didn't even write my blog back then!

Picture by: Helene Lindfors
Picture by: Kowai

Pictures by: Jessica Mennander
I am super relieved that Tracon went well, I stressed about it since it was the last thing in our list as being representatives. I can't wait to be the best senpai for our new babies! I am super thankful of everything that has happened during the time from last Tracon to this years Tracon. 


Anyways.. stay tuned for another blogpost in this month. I need to catch up...
 Yours truly : Veera

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