Thursday, 14 December 2017



Hey guys! December is almost already over (I know I'm late!) and it's time to chitchat about GameXpo and my Elise Trailblazer cosplay!

I've been wanting to make cosplay from western source for a while now and I fell in love with Elise since the day she was released in Hearthstone. At first I was going to make the Starseeker version but ended up liking the Trailblazer more. I've filmed whole series how I made everything. I just need to edit all that material! So stay tuned for that!

Anyways on to the GameXpo. Last year we were judging the competition with Taija but this year I went as a regular visitor. GameXpo is not a regular convention and therefore things are always  different compared to normal convention. The venue is reserved to other conventions, in the same space there was also SkiXpo. I don't really mind that but sometimes space can get really tight and people don't know how to act around people who are cosplaying, like saying stuff like what are these freaks or taking photos without consent. In the end I enjoyed hanging around in GameXpo and the Cosplays Finnish Championship, maybe some day I shall compete there  myself!

Here's the vlog!

I also met many old and new friends. <3 And few of the Team Gigantti members!

 I was so happy how the whole costume turned out. I can't wait to share the videos when they're done!!
Make-up in the morning and over 10 hours later! I ate greasy kebab, still held up pretty good. After this I discovered better way to spread the purple facepaint!
I also sent my application materials to the exchange student program and got accepted to study Fashion and Textile in TOKYO! Yay me! 

I also watched Doki Doki literature club gameplay and did small costest for cute Sayori! I'm not sure if I'll ever make the complete costume but I'll keep my eyes open while triftshopping!

I just love DDLC's creepy yet cute aesthetic. 

Stay tuned for the last blogpost of this year! 
Sincerely: Veera

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