Friday, 19 January 2018


Hey guys and happy 2018!
I haven't done anything cosplay-wise in this month so I asked on twitter what should I talk about and the topic above won! So today I shall talk about piercings and tattoos and what I think about them in cosplay. 

So let's start by going through what I have on my body. I have two cheek piercings and two tattoos, one on my back and one on my left ankle. I've had cheek piercings around six years now, I got my first cheek piercing in high school and second one right after I graduated. My parents have never been for or against bodymods so it was fairly easy for me to get these things for myself. I love my piercings, I think they suit me very well! I used to wear mostly black piercings, now I use white or colorful. The healing process hasn't been the easiest but I think I am finally in the state where they are going to stay, I still have good and bad days with them. The best my piercings have behaved was probably in Japan because it was humid and warm and not cold and dry like in Finland mostly.
first piercing - healed - second fresh
Few facts about cheek piercings if somebody is curious.

  • Super cute.
  • After you take them out you might have dimples!
  • Takes a looooong time to heal, if they ever fully heal since the tissue is to thick on your cheek. 
  • Awkward to change if someone is looking at you. 
  • Always be committed to piercing if you take some, it might leave scarring behind. 
  • You will look like a chipmunk for a while when you take them.

Here you can see that there is some scarring next to the piercing. it's not bumpy just a bit darker.
I took my first piercings at the time when I wasn't that into cosplay. After returning to cosplay hobby I didn't really think piercings made that much difference since I was doing it for fun and I didn't know that you could buy piercing retainers (häivekoru in Finnish). I soon bought my first piercing retainers and started to use them for cosplay because I wanted to make my character as recognizable as possible. I buy my jewelry from Savanni. They are fairly easy to use and they blend in nice. Some people who don't know me might now even recognize them as piercings. 

I've always kept it quite straightforward with competing with piercings. I think when it comes to judging where you are evaluated by your appearance, all the tiny details make huge difference. If  I am willing to go far as dress and make myself into a character, I am willing to change my piercings. I always have to mentally prepare when I change into my retainers because it's a little tricky! 
Same thing with tattoos. If it's a competition and people can see your tattoo I'd would hide it. If it's a casual cosplay I am usually okay with tattoos and piercings. 
Pictures: Left by Katariina Ihalainen, Right by Juha Vehmaanperä
Although I use piercing retainers you can still sometimes see the piercing/scar/redness etc in pictures. I like my cosplay photos shooped and it's fairly easy to photoshop away the piercing from the picture. Not that I don't mind it being there it just looks aesthetically pleasing in pictures to go that extra mile. I'd like more tattoos in the future but you know that as a student you don't really have that extra cash. Well see, I'd love to be heavily tattooed and maybe some bodymods.... hmm hmm! Only future will tell! 
Here's some of  my pictures. Taiga no shooped piercings, Pink Badger a bit shooped, Akko completely shooped.
If you have any questions left be sure to comment down below!

Umm yeah! I guess that was it on this matter. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog-post and did you notice my new layout! NEW YEAR NEW ME! (I still have to update archive etc but yeah!) 

Stay tuned for next post!
XOXO Veera

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