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Hey guys, time for another blogpost little bit late I know! This time I'll be talking about cosplay makeup and what it means to me.

I am not really a pro at makeup, I never really wore makeup until high school and after a long time I've discovered my style of makeup in normal life and in cosplay. Both styles are pretty close to each other. My key factor in making my cosplays believable is making sure I have enough dimensions in my face. I don't like to contour myself to the fullest but I'd like to make myself seem like the character but with my own features. You know, find a nice balance.

Anyways let's start from the first section which is the base.

Before convention I like to use face masks, lot's of moisturizer and take an extra step in my routine to make my skin as flawless as possible. I don't generally get any pimples or anything, it's not a miracle but rather a medical condition. For cosplay it is a blessing! I am grateful of that. But yeah MOISTURIZING IS IMPORTANT!

I love primer, it gives a nice canvas to put stuff on. Primers are pretty new thing in the beauty community. I use NYX photo-loving primer and it's been working on me great. It gives a smooth finish, it's not exactly pore filling but it's nice.

I don't generally use that much foundation because it can feel too heavy sometimes but for doll like finish it's nice. I've used Milani conceal + perfect for a while now and it's buildable medium coverage. For concealer I use catrice Liquid camouflage and it's so thick and affordable and pale enough for me. I blend everything in my makeup with real techniques sponge. It's very soft.

I use loose powder because I can bake my undereyes and around my face. It's just a big tub of clear powder from punanaamio. It's great, I just transfer it to smaller container with a shift.

For contour I use powders from my NYX Love contours all palette which is my holygrail cosplay palette. Just  slightly on the nose, cheeks and chin. If the character has you know.. ''sharper'' appearance I'll use heavier hand.

I am a HUGE believer in blush.  Really. It is just so dear to me. Even if your base and contour in flawless i think every character should have even just a tiny bit of blush. Blush returns that skinlike texture and brings dimensions on the face. I can go bit  overboard with it but hey at least it shows in pictures. You wouldn't want to spend all that time on your makeup and in pictures it would just wash off. Blush everywhere.

I like a nice glow, who wouldn't. It also brings that dimension to the face which is nice. Very nice.

For basic nude natural shadow I use that holy grail palette again and blush. If character has distinct color for eyes I shall use that also with the natural colors. Blending is the key for everything.

Lashes and Liner make a big difference and I always need to think carefully if I want sharp black eyeliner because it can make young character more mature and not so youthful. Fake eyelashes are a must tho. I like to use little bit better lashes than ebay lashes because they last longer and are just better quality. For mascara I use Essence cheap mascara. It's so good and mascara expires quick so it's not too expensive to replace.

I always like to use natural lipstick for any character that doesn't have any specific lip color because it gives that extra kick for the finish.

You know like few years brows weren't a thing but now it's one of the most important things in makeup. Brows are vital point in cosplay makeup since it defines the overall expression of the character. I like big bold brows even if the character has skinny brows in animation.

SO IMPORTANT. I LOVE SETTING SPRAY. It melts the makeup to your skin and makes everything look like your skin. It is nice finishing step. 

If character has any extra things I need to buy specific, I don't buy any expensive products. I go for essence or catrice which are so affordable and nice quality.  You don't need that many fancy products to level up your cosplay makeup.

Just because character look like she/he/it doesn't have makeup that doesn't mean I shouldn't wear make up and I've learned a lot with practicing and practicing. I still want to do more makeup on other people! I can always improve!

By the way we filmed few things of my Sayori cosplay I made quickly! Here's the makeup tutorial! 

Anyways that's about it for now. I hope you enjoyed. 
Stay tuned for another post!
- Veera

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