Monday, 23 April 2018


Hey guys! I am already in Japan but it's time to chat about cosplay etc stuff!
After this post I will post one blogpost about Sakura and then I will turn this blog into some type of a exchange student blog, but with cosplay! Don't worry, I'm going to keep on posting about cosplay too if I have any news!

Okay, let's start with Sayori! If you haven't played Doki Doki Literature club I highly recommend. It's really something else. Anyways, I made Sayori because I had the wig. I found all the materials from home or second-hand shop. We photoshooted Sayori with Hensskii in our school and made little ''cmv''. I love making costumes from used materials. I probably used like 5 euros max for this costumes which is nice!

Here's the video. There's also few other Doki doki videos, be sure to check them out! 
I've grown so much as a model in terms of posing and being comfortable in front of a camera. Aand of course it helps that the photographer is one of my besties. I also love to test out different styles and tools while editing my pictures. 

I wanted to keep the pictures pretty light, nothing too gore. Because you know. Modesty. I really love editing the pictures, it's something I feel like I've improved so much! 

On to the Trucy, I wanted to photoshoot her too before I left to Japan so we did that in school too. We decorated the set with cards and balloons, preparing the set took hours but it was fun! We also filmed   small video! Trucy is such dear character to me and I am so glad that I got to photoshoot her finally!

I also made my friend Sienimiili into a Magical Shroom girl! She gave me a colour palette and the rest was up to me to decide. She saw the costume for the first time  when we dressed her and revealed the costume in stream! This was something I've never done this before and maybe commissions wouldn't be that scary. For this project I had lots of pastel ribbons laying around so I used those. The scepter of shrooms was made in day and a half, I really liked how it turned out! Yay!

Plus just look how cute Miili is.

Anyways, that's it for now! Stay tuned for Sakura post!


Ps. I held a giveaway in my instagram and this was the price!

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