Friday, 4 May 2018


Time to chitchat about Sakuras Sealing wands! At first  I thought I'd make only one staff but ended up making both of them the Clow wand and the Star wand. I was pretty nervous making the Clow wand  because of the shape wand. I wasn't sure how to approach the bird head and looked up several tutorials to find something which satisfies my crafting needs.
I started with finding suitable materials for the wands. I knew I wanted something sturdy to hold the ends in place and not bend so I went with plumming pipe since it is the sturdiest, eletric pipe would been my second pic but it was too thin and bendy.

I started by gluing one styrofoam ball to the end of the pipe and then I started to form the birdshead with regular tinfoil. Tinfoil is so great forming stuff without using anything that is too heavy or too expensive, you can form accurate shapes and add more foil if needed. I used hot glue to glue everything together. I used the same tinfoil method on the star wand except first I took two layers or cardboard and make sort of a skeleton for the circle. I filled some gaps with hot glue and worked the tinfoil with my hands until I was satisfied with my base. I also placed about one cm paper string inside the circle to help me with my next step. 
Next up was the fimo air clay. I used it to smooth out the texture of the foil. I am suprised that it stuck on to the foil so well! After the clay died I sanded everything down with sanding paper.
After that I started covering everything with worlbas pearly art, this was by first time using white worbla and I think it's my favorite worbla so far. I used craft foam for the wings and wooden buttons for the eyes. For the star I just made a pattern from hard cardboard and covered that with worbla. The star is very 3D so I had hard time planning how to make such thing, In the end I think it looks pretty sweet.

The end of the both wands was made from craft foam, worbla scraps and plastic easter egg.

After finishing the details I started filling gaps etc with wood primer. This stuff was so smelly that I moved to my schools woodworking space. Without proper ventilation I got bit nauseous.

When the wood primer cures in around 20 minutes, I sanded it with dremel and sandingpaper. I did around 4 rounds with the primer, sanding in between.

After that I used spray primer which made smooth layer on the worbla, I sanded that layer too.

Then I just used base paint and metallic spray paint. I chose metallic spray paint because I think it adds more wawaWOOM in the wands and the official replica/toys have metallic finish.
I thought long and hard how to paint the details. I kinda hate acrylics, metallics aren't opaque enough and if they are they will flake off. So I wanted to use Enamel paint. I actually found big range of colours from local Prisma! The paint wasn't that expensive and it was super opaque. The only downside is that you need to clean your brushes with nailpolish remover or acetone/isopropyl alcohol and the paint itself smells a bit so working inside made me bit nauseous. I have to say that 
I'm not expert in crafting and I am no near a perfectionist in my hobby but I am so proud how they turned out. The paint job is not ready yet, I'm going to finish it once I get back to Finland! As a finishing touch I'm going to add shimmer powder all over the wands and glossy spray. I made the wands bit bigger than they seem in anime because the bigger the prop, smaller I shall look. Aaaand because Sakura is a child it makes me more childlike if the wands are bit bigger. Anyways, what do you guys think? If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer! I am looking forward to see this project finished!

Something about practicing with your prop from the start. I wanted to get comfortable with my props and started ''dancing'' with them. I feel like it really helped me to handle them and not be too scared of breaking them. Here's a cute complination video. Enjoy!

Next up some exchange student updates!

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